Used since antiquity, snail slime has many very beneficial properties for the skin – it stimulates skin repair and healing while protecting and moisturizing the skin, has anti-aging properties and promotes suppleness and skin radiance. It thus helps to efficiently prevent, relieve and eliminate various types of skin problems and diseases in a natural way: wrinkles, dark spots, blackheads, acne scars, stretch marks, psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, etc. Discover the full effects of organic snail slime on your skin below.

Effect #1 Skin tissue is repaired and regenerated

One of the key active ingredients in snail slime (or snail mucin) is allantoin. This organically derived ingredient has been known since antiquity for its healing, regenerative and soothing properties.

It is this substance that repairs the snail shell when it accidentally becomes chipped or split. So just imagine what allantoin can do for your skin, especially if you suffer from scarring caused by acne pimples or eczema. By applying our fresh organic snail slime creams on a daily basis, you’ll see long-term benefits. Allantoin regenerates skin tissue, thus helping to fade acne scars. It is also effective on burns, blackhead-prone areas and dark spots caused by aging or sun exposure.

According to clinical testing performed by COSMEPAR, RoyeR Cosmétique creams repair skin in 76 % of panelists.

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Effect #2 The healing process is facilitated

You often hear people mention collagen, which has been popularized by anti-aging creams. Did you know that this protein is produced naturally by your body?

It provides the skin with tensile strength (resistance to strain) and is essential to the healing process. However, with age or due to other unnatural factors like smoking or pollution, our bodies become deficient in collagen. This can lead to sagging skin, which in turn encourages the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines or even stretch marks. This deficiency also prevents the skin from healing properly. How can you offset collagen loss? Snail slime creams are a natural and gentle way to counter this phenomenon. As a natural source of collagen, snail slime (or snail mucin) is extremely effective on stretch marks and wrinkles. It also promotes the healing of skin lesions like burns or acne.

The COSMEPAR study showed that skin is firmer and has more elasticity in 76 % of panelists after using RoyeR Cosmétique fresh and organic snail slime creams.

Effect #3 Suppleness of skin is restored

Elastin, just like collagen, is one of the proteins produced naturally by our body. As its name suggests, it gives the skin its elasticity – the ability to stretch. It therefore plays an essential role in the suppleness of our skin. At puberty, we stop producing this protein, but it is present in our body all throughout our life thanks to its stable nature.

Nevertheless, as we age, elastin fibers break down and lead to similar phenomena to those linked with collagen loss, like the formation of wrinkles and the appearance of other marks connected with skin aging, or stretch marks. To combat skin aging, we recommend opting for a natural remedy that will be gentle on your skin. Have you tried snail slime cream yet? When snail slime is used fresh, like in our organic creams, it helps to combat skin aging and stretch marks. And there is nothing magical about it, since snail slime is a natural source of elastin.

According to COSMEPAR’s clinical study, using RoyeR Cosmétique creams daily helps the skin regain 100 % suppleness.

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Effect #4 Wrinkles and other imperfections are reduced

Have you heard of glycolic acid? Aside from it being difficult to pronounce, glycolic acid is known especially for its anti-aging power. But what role does it actually play in the body and how does it benefit skin? Glycolic acid has several functions: it eliminates dead skin cells, improving the texture of skin, and it promotes the production of hyaluronic acid, which provides moisture to the stratum corneum (external layer of the skin). It also distributes melanin, creating an even-toned and brighter complexion and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, improving suppleness and elasticity of the skin. With these remarkable properties, visible and deep-down improvements to the condition of your skin are possible.

Who doesn’t dream of having perfectly moisturized, toned and glowing skin? Snail slime creams can help you to achieve this, thanks to the natural presence of glycolic acid. Provided that your snail slime cream is made with fresh snail slime, like RoyeR Cosmétique’s skincare range, it can help reduce wrinkles and skin imperfections like dark spots. Plus, it helps to refine the skin´s texture and revitalizes the complexion.

The COSMEPAR study supports these claims – with our creams, skin is more toned in 76 % of panelists and smoother in 86 %. As for the complexion, it is more even in 71 % of panelists.

Effect #5 Skin is moisturized and glowing

Maintaining beautiful skin is a concern among many men and women. Who can claim to never have suffered from problems with their skin? We tend to become obsessed at the slightest emergence of a blemish, which can put a complete dampener on our day. In addition to treating minor blemishes and other sores, maintaining beautiful skin also means having healthy skin, which will prevent the appearance of certain imperfections. For this, your skin needs to be nourished – by providing it with the nutrients it needs. And more precisely with vitamins A and C.

Vitamin A supports an even pigmentation of the skin (by activating melanin), which protects your epidermis and guarantees a beautiful, glowing complexion all year long. It also plays a role in providing moisture to the skin. As for vitamin C, the most well known vitamin of all, it prevents skin aging thanks to its ability to combat free radicals. In addition, it boosts the skin´s radiance and protects the skin against UV rays by regulating the activity of melanocytes, the cells that synthesize melanin. When we think of vitamins, nutritional supplements often come to mind. However, it is proven – for vitamin C in particular – that a topical application on the skin is much more effective than a supplement taken orally. Snail slime cream offers this winning combination of vitamins contained naturally in snail slime. To maximize the effects on your skin, we recommend opting for creams made with fresh slime, like RoyeR Cosmétique creams.

According to the COSMEPAR study, by using our creams, skin is more moisturized in 100 % of panelists and more radiant in 76 %.

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Effect #6 A barrier against damaging factors 

When we talk about damaging factors, we are, of course, referring to all of the everyday environmental factors that affect the skin. These include: 

Pollution: this is the most commonly mentioned factor. The toxins that it carries make our skin more sensitive and visibly less attractive due to blackheads, dullness, etc. 

Sun: exposing our skin to the sun is a dangerous, though die hard habit. Often, we spend too much time in the sun without properly protecting our skin. But it is difficult for your skin to protect itself from UV rays, which are one of the causes of premature skin aging. 

The cold: it is not only our bodies that need to be covered and protected; your skin needs protection too. In cold weather, the skin produces less sebum and is therefore defenseless against the cold. This generally leads to discomfort or soreness. Our hands often bear the brunt of the cold as well.

To prevent such damage, offer your skin the means it needs to protect itself. Natural antimicrobial peptides act as a protective barrier for the skin. So they are real “weapons of mass protection” against pollution, UV rays, cold, dust, wind and the like. Occurring naturally in fresh snail slime and in RoyeR Cosmétique creams, they help your skin regain its full vitality.

Moreover, according to COSMEPAR’s clinical study, using our organic creams restores skin vitality in 81 % of panelists.