Olivier et Sébastien Royer

Our History


The connection between RoyeR Cosmétique and the snails started in 1989 when Jean Paul Royer and his wife founded the snail farm “Maison Royer” in a small village on the French West coast.

Jean Paul Royer was originally a baker. After a work accident, he was forced to reorient himself professionally. Having noticed that snails lay eggs, he decided to start producing snail caviar. It was from this slightly peculiar and innovative idea that it all started.

In the 90's, Sébastien and Olivier joined their parents in the adventure. The company specialized in the reproduction, breeding and processing of snails. The production was sold directly to high-end restaurants and delicatessens. The company quickly made a name for itself and was recognized as a major player in the sector.

A few years ago, the two brothers took over from their parents and decided to continue the family tradition. Well aware of the benefits of snail slime for the skin, they envisioned an ambitious project to give the company a new boost and purpose. Royer Cosmétique was born.

Farm & Beauty

While handling the snails, Sébastien and Olivier discovered that their hands were much softer and that their wounds healed much quicker. In 2014, they decided to create an organic cosmetic range with slime from their snails as the key ingredient. A raw material previously unused at the farm, which would thus be valued. An ingenious idea when you are aware of the many valuable virtues of snail slime. 

RoyeR Cosmétique has made a strong commitment to create pure, organic and fresh snail slime cosmetics – without diluted snail slime or snail slime extract. It is extracted in a natural manner for unequalled purity. The snails are delicately caressed to harvest the best of the animal´s secretion.

Concerned about the quality of the products and their impact on the environment, the two brothers have complete control over their production. The farm operates in accordance with the principles of organic farming. RoyeR Cosmétique is committed to ethical, eco-responsible and human values.

escargot royer cosmetique

Snail farming

Our organic farm is located on 4 hectares of greenery in Les Herbiers in the west of France. For the past 30 years, we have specialized in the reproduction and breeding of organic snails and more recently in the production of fresh organic slime for our cosmetics.

Know-how and expertise in Heliciculture for over 30 years

We have selected the Helix Aspersa Maxima, more commonly known as "Gros Gris", for our breeding. We produce 2 million snails every year from certified organic farming. The snails are all raised outdoors, fed naturally and harvested by hand.

Snail reproduction & breeding in pictures

We are equipped with an entirely automated reproduction building. Although snails are hermaphrodites, the snail must mate to be able to reproduce. They lay eggs into small soil-filled pots. The eggs are placed in hatcheries to become thousands of "baby snails". The snails then are transferred into the 4,200 m² of fattening pens and grow peacefully until they reach adulthood after 9 months.

A unique animal-friendly slime extraction method 

In collaboration with Ecocert, we developed a slime extraction process which is unique in the world and respects animal welfare. The secretion is obtained by stimulating the mucus glands for 30 seconds with thousands of small brushes. The collected slime is then filtered and used as such, fresh and undiluted, for the composition of cosmetics.

This process allows an optimal concentration of slime in the composition of cosmetic products.

Boutique, Institute & Cottage

Royer welcomes you to its estate comprising 4 hectares in the heart of Vendée, a stone's throw from the Atlantic coast and the Loire Valley.

Come and discover a unique experience:

Visit our farm: a behind the scenes look into our snail farm, where you will discover how we breed our snails and produce our cosmetics.

Discover the secret of snail slime beauty in our spa: a comfortable beauty space for original treatments providing unique sensory experiences.

Come to our shop where you will find all of our products. We will share our know-how and our passion for snails with you.

Stay at our luxury cottage during your visit in the region, in an area with a rich and diverse environmental, cultural and touristic heritage.

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